Boker Plus 06EX221 Eagle D2 OTF

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The Boker Plus Eagle OTF, designed by Raimund Lhotak, fits perfectly in the hand thanks to its titanium-coated handle and ergonomic design. The reliable mechanism opens and closes the blade by spring force via the release slide, which guarantees quick operation. The breathtaking dynamic grinding lines and the two-tone finish also make this knife an exquisite collector's item. With recurve blade made of D2.

  •  USA
  •  8,27 in
  •  3,35 in
  •  0,12 in
  •  3,46 oz
  •  Raimund Lhotak
  •  D2
  •  Aluminum
  •  Automatic
  •  OTF
  •  Black
  •  06EX221

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