Retro51 Tornado Vintage Metalsmith Rollerball Pen - Corsair RB

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The Retro 51 Tornado Deluxe pens. Retro 51 Tornado Deluxe is back with a collection of stunning finishes. The smooth barrel that slowly tapers towards the tip features the same knurled twist-button and a functional clip. But with the new range of fascinating choices such as the all black Stealth, eco-friendly bamboo, the colorful swirls of Calico and Marlin, the vibrant psychedelic pattern of the Medley and unique style indulging inner math and physics of the Albert, each Retro 51 Tornado Deluxe is unique. Each rollerball pen will vary in appearance despite sharing the same theme because of the acrylic barrel.



Length: 5 in /125 mm

Diameter: 0.43 in / 11 mm

Weight: 1 oz /28 g

Refill: Ballpoint

Packaging: Matching Tube

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