Fisher Matte Black X-750 Space Pen - X-750/BK

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Style: Cap off with exclusive Fisher rubber comfort grip  PMIA
Cartridge: Fisher PR4 Black Ink Medium Point
Size: Length 5.1" open; 4.25" closed
Packaging: Moonscape gift box with Atmospheric Sunrise Sleeve
Model: X-750/BK
This Series of Fisher Space Pens is small, sleek, and stylish. It makes a great gift for the "Gal on the go!". Measuring only 4 1/4" (10cm) long when closed, it has a matte black barrel and cap, with a black rubber finger grip. The cap comes off and fits on the top of the pen to create a full size, well weighted and balanced pen. The rubber hand grip helps prevent calluses and provides a very comfortable grip for extended use.

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