Sunderland Machine Works

Sunderland Machine Pens are the dream of an engineer and a machinist who prefers to be designing and building rather than sitting in an office cube. The maker of Sunderland Machine Pens has held numerous positions throughout his professional career that have included designing, building, and testing products for the industrial, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries. He turned his passion for metal working and high quality products into Sunderland Machine Works. Producing the high quality, one of a kind, and eye striking Sunderland Machine Pens. The Sunderland Machined Pens stand out, work great, and last long. Sunderland Machine Works goal is to design and build quality products for everyday use that will last for many generations. If you are a pen enthusiast you will love the Sunderland Machined Pen and even if you’re not the you wont be disappointed in a pen designed to last generations.