About Us

In today’s world, it’s safe to say that anyone who is anyone – regardless of their profession – has a substantial list of everyday carry items – you know, the items and accessories that they take with them each and every day. These can be things we wear, things we use, or things that help us stay organized, help us be creative, or help us feel confident in who we are.

Here at Gear Supply Company, we refer to these items as gear – because we never leave home without them.

Our Story

It’s true – we’re gearheads and we love it! For us, nothing is more exciting than finding a new accessory that we can take with us each and everyday when we leave home. And it becomes even more exciting when we find everyday carry items that are well-made and display exceptional craftsmanship.

As passionate gearheads, we wanted nothing more than to share the everyday carry items that we always have on us with the masses. So, we began by opening up our online gift shop and working with a number of different craftsmen, manufacturers, and vendors to find the perfect everyday carry items that we just knew people like us would love.

When we were sourcing for items, we looked for items that could serve as perfect gifts for him / her, accessories for him / her, everyday carry essentials, functional trinkets, and so much more. And every step of the way, we were sure to personally inspect, test, and use the items that we brought to our shop because we wanted our customers to know that every single item that we sell, is something that we would carry ourselves!

Each and every day, we strive to deliver useful, high-quality gear that our customers can use on a daily basis. Whether it’s something functional, aesthetic, or stylish, you can rest assured knowing that it’s passed the Gear Supply Company test and has received our very own stamp of EDC approval.

We see it as our duty to supply anyone and everyone with all of their everyday carry gear needs – regardless of who they are, where they’re from, or what they do. We’re in it for the long haul, and we only plan to grow from here!

Are you ready to join us in the world of EDC? Let’s get started!

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Our Mission

Here at Gear Supply Company, our mission is simple – we strive each and everyday to bring high-quality items to the market for our customers. Throughout our time in business, we’ve seen first-hand just how large the EDC community is, and we only expect to grow from here. And every step of the way, it remains our focused goal to play a major role in bringing our customers the everyday carry items and everyday carry essentials that they depend on. With a wide selection available, we know that we have the right item for everyone.

Our Vision

Whether it’s a gift box set or if it’s a product that you want for yourself, you can rest assured that Gear Supply Company has just what you’re looking for. When we first launched Gear Supply Company, it was our vision to become the largest online gift shop ever devoted to EDC items. 

In the future, we plan to continue to grow our shop, to grow our community, and to find more and more products that our customers can add to their list of everyday carry essentials. With high quality gear that you can use every day, you just can’t go wrong.

Our Values

Here at Gear Supply Company, everything that we do is made possible by the company values that we’ve worked to instill all throughout our business. From the very beginning, we placed customer satisfaction at the very top of the list.

For us, nothing is more important than ensuring that our customers are satisfied not just with their everyday carry accessories, but with their entire experience shopping with Gear Supply. Each and every day, we remain focused on doing everything we can to make that experience nothing short of exceptional.

In addition to the quality of our products and the quality of the experience that we offer, we also pride ourselves on our dedication to professionalism. When our customers come to us with a question regarding a product of ours, we listen. We’re firm believers that in order to help, we must first understand – and that’s exactly what we do.

We endlessly work to ensure that our customers are satisfied in their experience working with us. With everything from free delivery to fast shipping, we aim to deliver perfection with every interaction.

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