Olight Arkfeld Flat Flashlight with Green Laser & Cool White Light – Desert Tan

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Olight Arkfeld Flat Flashlight with Green Laser & Cool White Light – Desert Tan:

Dual Light Source EDC Flashlight: White light in 5 brightness levels with a max output of 1,000 lumens, and the output of green beam is ≤0.39mW, Class 1. The light's memory function enables you to save your favorite mode so it's always ready!

Flat & Ultra-thin Body: A  unique flat shape makes it extremely comfortable to hold in your hand or carry in a pocket. (Only 3.07oz in weight and 0.59in in thickness)

Your Needs Are Met: Use the white LED light for any low light needs such as the outdoors or emergency needs. The green beam is perfect for presentations or on-duty use, and loved by pets!

Pocket Clip & Magnetic Attachment: The clip clamps tightly onto your shirt or pockets for easy carrying. It also features a magnetic end, allowing you to simply attach it to a nearby metal surface for hands-free light.

*The Arkfeld ships in lockout mode. While in lockout mode, the red indicator at the bottom will light up for a short time. Press and hold the center button (about 1 second) until the flashlight turns on with the moonlight or laser, and the flashlight will be unlocked.

Olight Arkfeld Flat Flashlight with Green Laser & Cool White Light – Desert Tan Specs:

Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Beam Distance: 331 ft (101 m)
Max Performance: 1,000 lumens
Charging Type: MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging
Compatible Batteries: Built-in 1050mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
Max Light Intensity: 2,560 candela
Light Source: High-Performance Cool White LED (5700K~6700K)
Mode Operation: Central Button & Selector
LEVEL 1: 1,000~300 lumens
Run time LEVEL 1: 4 + 110 minutes
LEVEL 2: 300~60 lumens
Run time LEVEL 2: 126 + 34 minutes
LEVEL 3: 60 lumens
Run time LEVEL 3: 11 hours + 50 minutes
LEVEL 4: 15 lumens
Run time LEVEL 4: 41 hours
LEVEL 5: 1 lumen
Run time LEVEL 5: 8 days
Strobe: Yes
Waterproof: IPX7
Weight: 3.07 oz (87 g)(Battery Included)
Height: 0.59 in (15 mm)
Length: 4.33 in (110 mm)
Width: 0.98 in (25 mm)
Packaging: Carton Box
Use: Lighting, Presentation, Pet Toy
MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable x 1
User Manual x 1
Arkfeld (Battery Included) x 1

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