SUNDERLAND Machine Works MK1 Machined Executive Pen - NICKEL

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SUNDERLAND Machine Works MK1 Machined Executive Pen - NICKEL

The innovative Sunderland mk1 pen manufactured from 6061 aluminum and 17-4 stainless steel 


The Sunderland mk1 is a CNC machined pen tailored to the executive rather than the tactical market.  The smooth lines and flawless cap operation are perfect for the demanding luxury pen enthusiast.

The mk1 has several unique features not normally found in a metal pen that make it worthy to add to any serious pen collection or be the start of a new one.

Patent Pending Thread-On Cap:

Our market research indicated that most pen enthusiasts prefer a screw-on cap; however, having exposed threads on the grip can be unsightly and uncomfortable to hold.  To solve these issues, we designed the threads to be hidden inside the tip of the pen, unexposed to the user.


Machined Clip:

There are a lot of nice pens available, but most use a formed sheet metal clip.  We really wanted to avoid using stamped sheet metal parts on a high-quality pen, so we put extra effort into the design and manufacturing of the clip on the mk1: It is machined from a block of aerospace grade, 17-4 stainless steel.  This is the same material commonly used for jet engine components.  The clip was designed to take advantage of the extreme strength of this material, while maintaining the flexibility required for a functional clip.



The mk1 accepts MontblancTM Rollerball and Fineliner cartridges, as well as the popular PilotTM G2 series of cartridges.  Each pen is shipped with a black PilotTM G2 in the 0.7mm size.

We designed the mk1 to utilize the screw-in ability of the MontblancTM cartridges, while also providing a rigid mount for the PilotTM G2 cartridges.  There are no parts to swap or screws to adjust.  Simply remove one cartridge and install the other.  The MontblancTM screws in and the PilotTM G2 drops in.


  • Closed Length (cap in closed position) - 5.2 inches (131.6 mm)
  • Body Length (without cap) - 4.9 inches (123.8 mm)
  • Posted Length (cap on body) - 5.8 inches (148.5 mm)
  • Main Body Diameter - .44 inches (11.1 mm)
  • Grip Diameter (Main) - .38 inches (9.5 mm)
  • Grip Diameter (Hourglass Section) - .36 inches (9.1 mm)
  • Weight (with PilotTM G2 cartridge) - 0.8 oz (23.0 g)

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