Everyday Carry: What’s in Your Pocket?

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What’s in your pocket? A wallet, ChapStick, change, pocketknife, pen, lighter, a watch? Do you carry these things every day? Did you know that there is a name for these items? These items can all be carried in your pocket, backpack, briefcase, or purse.

 All the little things and even some bigger things that you carry every day are called every day carry items. Some things might be considered trivial, and others may offer protection or serve another purpose. So, do you every day carry?

 What Is Everyday Carry?

Everyday carry or EDC are items that are carried consistently. They could be anything from ChapStick to pocket change or even a pocketknife. Almost everyone in the world every day carries. The question is, why do people every day carry?

Everyday carry is effortless, and most people probably don’t even think about it. Some people regularly carry specific items in their pockets, backpacks, briefcases, or purses every day. Other people plan out what they are going to bring every day and have a routine. Regardless of how everyday carry occurs, it becomes a routine. You may take your pocketknife, wallet, pen, and pocket change in all of your pockets and place them on your dresser or bedside table at night, and then, in the morning, put it all back.

Why Do People Everyday Carry?

The biggest reasons people everyday carry are utility and preparedness. In many cases, every day carry items help overcome everyday problems. They also carry to be prepared for unexpected or dangerous situations.

Everyday carry items can vary from person to person, based on preference and lifestyle. A stock trader on Wall Street may carry a pocket knife for protection, while a hiker may save a life with a pocket knife. A person may carry a quarter in their pocket to use the payphone in an emergency while another person may carry it for luck, or use it as a screwdriver. Different things have different purposes for different people.

Does Everyday Carry Need to be in a Pocket

No, everyday carry can occur in your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase. As long as the items are consistently carried every day, it is considered everyday carry. It doesn’t matter how it’s carried.

Some people carry a backpack or purse every day, and they make sure that they have a pen, pocket knife, cell phone, change, or other items that they feel the need for every day. Some everyday carry items can be a little too heavy or bulky for a pocket, so a backpack, briefcase, or purse make it easier to carry their everyday carry items.

What Items Are Consist of EDC?

EDC consists of things like a knife, flashlight, pen, key organizer, multi-tool, cash, cell phone, or personal protection, and so much more. Each item serves at least one purpose and can either protect you, save a life, or fix something. Many EDC items are simple things that you carry daily and don’t even realize it. Let’s see why each one mentioned should be carried.


Not everywhere accepts cards. Keeping a slimmed-down wallet with cash inside is essential. Surprisingly not everyone carries money anymore. Cash is accepted universally, and it is excellent for tipping; it offers more bargaining power, a card reader can fail. Having cash on hand saves you when you can’t use a card.


There’s a good chance in this era that most people will carry a cellphone. Everyday tasks that a cell phone can be used for are calculator, communication, navigation, emergency calls, and more. Most people these days carry a cellphone, and they can call 911 if they have an emergency or see something that needs immediate police or EMS attention. They can communicate with family and let them know their whereabouts and when they should return. Cell Phones these days also have applications to give us driving directions and time of arrivals. They have also been known to be used for their flashlight capabilities.


Having light in dark situations is crucial, including changing a tire in the dark, lighting up a dark room, self-defense, and more. Keeping a flashlight handy in your backpack or briefcase is a safety measure you should take. Just think about the situations that you could be in that you could use light. If you have to walk down the road in the dark, or be in a dark room and don’t want to disturb people. What happens if there is a power outage? You would have a flashlight to see in a classroom, office, or other areas that may be affected by a power outage.

Key Organizer

A key organizer can save your life and save your time. If you are looking for your keys at the bottom of your bag, your attention is no longer focused on your surroundings, and that can be dangerous. Keep your keys together, and all in one place with everyday carry key organizer.


Multi-tools are great to have on hand. You can fix things with the screwdriver and plier tools on them. You can cut things with the knife that is often found in a multi-tool. In some cases, there may even be scissors on it. You never know what situation you can get into and need a multi-tool.

Having a multitool can mean you have something to clip a dangly string with, tighten a screw with, or a pair of pliers to pull a nail out of a tire. You never know what uses you may encounter for a multitool. You may also be able to assist others in a time of emergency need as well.


Pens are always great to have. You never know when you will need to write information down, take note of the situation to give to the police, or catch a phone number. Throughout the day, you never know what you might need to write down or sign. Having a pen is handy. You almost always need to remember something, and writing it down is the best way to do it. Carrying your pen can also be a health measure. You don’t have to use a public pen, or pen that other people have put their germs on.

Personal Protection

Before you carry a weapon of any kind, you will want to be aware of your state laws. Personal protection is recommended in this day and age. You never know what can happen anywhere. You don’t want you and your family to fall victim to a crime that could have been prevented by having personal protection. Personal protection can be pepper spray, knife, firearm, or baton. What you carry for personal protection will depend on your state laws and personal preference.

Personal protection can save your life or the lives of others in a split second. You never know when you could walk into a bad situation and need defense. You never know when you could encounter someone dangerous on the street, and personal protection will help you subdue a robber or dangerous person.

Pocket Knife

A good sharp knife is always a good thing to carry every day. Depending on your lifestyle would determine the uses that a pocket knife could have for you. You may need to cut something as simple as tape on a box or cut a point on a stick, or even use it for survival. The everyday use of a pocket knife is truly endless. A pocket knife can also double as a screwdriver in some situations. The size and style of the pocket knife carried will depend, again, on lifestyle and personal preference.

As you can see, most of what is recommended or suggested are all able to be used for protection, everyday uses, and survival. Many people already carry a good number of these things with them every day. They don’t even realize that they are participating in a simple act of Everyday Carry, which could help someone else or help themselves.

It is really kind of neat to sit back and see the things that people carry every day, whether it’s for a purpose, or just for comfort to make them feel better or safer. There doesn’t appear to be a limit on what you can carry for EDC, as long as you are consistently carrying those same things daily. Everyday Carry is much easier than you think. EDC can save lives and be beneficial for small tasks. 


Everyday carry is designed to be protective and still be comfortable. You, in some cases, may even have to protect someone else from a bad guy. Most importantly, you have to be satisfied with whatever you choose to carry. Everyday Carry is also convenient and easy. You never know when you could require survival skills or just a tool to help tighten a screw, or knife to cut a string. Everyday carry is simple and can be a routine that is easy to utilize.                            

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