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We want to wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day! Everyday Carry Company we understand that everybody needs their tools for the trade, favorite writing tool, or even their favorite way to carry their money with them every day. We try to carry items for everyone and understand that Everyday Carry items and tools are just for the boys. We carry items that we think everyone will love and we wanted to spotlight a few of our items today that have, well let's just say a valentines day feel to them.

Writing love notes will never be easier!

Let's start with our Fisher Pink Bullet Space Pen – 400PK. This amazingly designed and beautiful-looking pen is looked at as a piece of art and is in fact in the New York Museum of Modern art. The amazing and timeless style is not the only thing that makes this pen a fantastic choice. Its small size makes it so easy to carry on an everyday basis making it the perfect pen to throw in your pocket or bag and just go. The other amazing feature of all Fisher Space pens is any angle writing, these pens can even write upside down. This amazing evenly balanced writing instrument was an easy choice for us here at The Gear Supply Company.

Everyone could use a good knife!

Next, let's look at our Spyderco Dragonfly™ 2 Frn Pink Cpm® S30V Black Blade C28FPNS30VBK2. This knife has been part of the Spyderco collection for a long time and for its small size it still packs a big punch in its cutting performance. Just like most items in this collection, it is lightweight and perfect for anyone as an everyday carry. This version comes with a rich black Carbonitride (TiCN) coating that really stands out from the amazing pink handle. Spyderco went above and beyond with this item to help with the Living Beyond Breast Cancer group. A non profit that wants to fulfill its mission of providing trusted information and a community of support to those impacted by the disease, Living Beyond Breast Cancer offers in-person experiences and on-demand emotional, practical, and evidence-based content. For more information, visit LBBC.org.

A wallet unlike any other!

The last item in our collection today is The Secrid Miniwallet - Yard Rose - Silver Protector. We will be touching in a little more detail on these items in our next blog but this could not be left out of this collection. It's iconic all through Europe and starting to get a huge following in the USA. We are proud to be among a very few select retailers of this item. It's compact and fits in any pocket or bag. The amazing design lets you slide your need cards into the silver protector and with a push of a button, they pop out of the top ready for you to use. The extra pockets for cash, business cards, receipts, or whatever you need. This version is made of microfiber and is vegan-friendly. I use one of these wallets every day and I can assure you the first time you pop your cards out the top you will be blown away. Many companies are making “thin” or “compact” wallets but none come close to the class and style the Secrid Miniwallet has provided. The Gear Supply company loves these wallets and I can assure you that you will too!



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