How To Build The Perfect Everyday Carry Essentials Gift Set

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, you could waste hours of your day scrolling through the endless internet lists of the perfect gifts for him this year – or you could head on over to Gear Supply Company, and view our amazing collection of everyday carry essentials to build the perfect EDC gift set that he’ll love.

With everything from unique pens, to premium leather wallets and notebooks, to Timex Watches, and even personal care products, we have everything that you need to craft the perfect everyday carry essentials gift set for him this holiday season.

But before we show you how to create your own, take a look at one of our favorite products for 2019!

The White Collar Woodsman Gift Set

The White Collar Woodsman Gift Set is one of our favorite curated gift boxes for a number of different reasons. But for this holiday season, we just can’t ignore the amazing products included in this personal care package. With everything from a half ounce of each of our favorite man scents, a beard and a beard/mustache comb, to the hand-charred wine box that everything comes nestled in, this is the perfect personal care gift set that we can’t recommend enough for this year’s holiday season.

How To Make Your Own EDC Essentials Gift Set

Now, there are a few must-haves that are considered everyday carry gear essentials. For instance, items like wallets, pens, and notebooks are something that every man should have on him or close by at all times – in other words, he shouldn’t leave home without them.

So, the first place that you’d want to browse would be our collection of wallets. With a number of colors, designs, styles, and materials to choose from, you can base everything else in your gift set off of this one everyday carry essential.

Next, you’ll want to explore our selection of notebooks. Similar to our collection of wallets, we have a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns, and you’ll want to find one that matches or complements the wallet that you’ve already chosen.

After you’ve chosen a wallet and a notebook, it’s time to find the perfect premium writing instrument that they can keep with them for years to come. With a wide variety of pens available, all made from different materials, with different inks, and for different purposes, we know that you’ll find the perfect one for the man in your life.

From there, you’re well on your way towards creating the perfect EDC essentials gift set. All you need to do is put the finishing touches on. You need to find something that can hold these items – whether it be a bag, a handmade box, something vintage, or something modern and sleek. Whatever you choose to package your gift set in will help to set the tone for each of the everyday carry essentials included.

You’ll want to choose something that works well with the items that you’ve chosen. And once you’ve made your choice, you’re all set! We hope that we could help you spread some holiday joy this year with the perfect customized EDC essentials gift set!



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