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Having a pen that stands out can be a huge conversion starter. When people think of something stylish and cool to carry, many of us forget to think about this tool we use daily. A great writing utensil can not only be functional but also stylish. A pen that stands out can turn a simple business encounter into a full-blown conversation. You can get to know your coworkers, get to know your employees or even make a lasting impression on someone that could come back to help you later. One thing I hear all the time about being in the pen industry is “they don't make them like they used to”, well we know one place that still does. Retro51 is a brand that understands retro can be cool. As we know things always come back in style and Retro51 has stuck to their guns boy are these pens unique and stylish. Retro51 makes classic, stylish, and well retro-style pens that have amazing designs and quality. Some prints are only made for a limited time so you may just be buying a pen now but in not long it becomes a collector's item. Paying homage to vintage designs that this country was built around. As Retro51 puts it “life's too short to carry an ugly pen.”


The Gear Supply Company carries a variety of Retro51 Pens and we all here love the unique looks and styles, some of our employees have chosen them as their everyday carry pen. Retro51 Pens have such a large variety of styles and colors, let's take a look. We are gonna start with the pen that will blow you away the Retro51 Tornado Classic Lacquers Rollerball Pen. These pens come with a stainless steel barrel with a translucent lacquer that comes in a variety of bright vibrant colors. These colors pop and stand out from the chrome or brass accents on the pen making it a great everyday carry pen you can get in your favorite color. The rollerball pen not only looks great but rights smoothly and easily making it the perfect pen for work, writing, or just to carry in your pocket for everyday use. There is even one that’s white in the day and in the dark it glows! Retro51 Tornado Metalsmith's collection is amazing. From a matte black finish pen known as the stealth for its sleek complete black look to pens in all raw brass and copper. The raw copper and brass stand out to us because of the construction the raw metal will patina with time meaning the pen will age with you and this patina will make your pen a one of a kind that only you have. The Retro51 Metalsmith collection also comes in an amazing chromatic design that gives you a rainbow of color that is striking on the pen's all-metal finish. Also with a name like Retro51 you know they have not forgotten their icons of the past. The Retro51 Vintage collection pays homage to some of the classic figures and memorable moments in this great country's past. From a pen called the Rosie that comes in an acid-etched finish that makes it look as if Rosie the Riveter assembled the pen herself. The Bennington flag with the iconic 76 topper, is also acid etched with the flag on the barrel representing the American Revolution. If you are looking for something with more of a funky design, check out the Retro51 Elephant and Rhino Pen. Design with an awesome animal design that gives the feel of the plains in Africa. Since Retro51 runs these prints they can easily turn into collector's items after a short amount of time, you may be looking for a pen that could turn into an heirloom. 

All these striking designs and the amazing writing ability of these pens from Retro51 make them an American classic. Also, everyone comes in an awesome retro printed design tube that not only looks awesome but doubles as a pen stand! “Life’s too short to carry an ugly pen’” and with Retro51 you don't have to worry about that. These pens are great conversation starters and just outstanding writing utensils. We here at The Gear Supply Company love that we can bring an American classic to you.

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