The Year of The Tiger and a Big WHO DEY from us here at The Gear Supply Company!

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The Gear Supply Company is excited for the year of the Tiger!

The year of the tiger is here and we couldn’t be more excited. If you did not know we are located in Cincinnati Ohio and are rather excited about this new year. The new year has brought a buzz and feel to this city we have not had in a long time. Many people here have never felt this feeling and a lot of us are brimming with hope and joy. As you may know, we love our Everyday Carry items and with the new year upon us, it’s always a good time to look at your pockets. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade or maybe you just want a quick refresh we understand. Your Everyday Carry items become part of your daily routine and almost a part of you. We are going to take a look at a few of our items and see if you can notice the theme!!!

A good pen is priceless! 

We carry many great pens in our store but we wanted to look a closer look at one brand in particular. If you are a pen enthusiast and want to have something no one else does take a look at our Sunderland Machine Works Pens MK1, in particular, our Sunderland Machine Works MK1 Machined Executive Pen in Orange Anodized. These pens are unique in more than one way. They are designed for the pen enthusiasts out there that demand a certain type of luxury in their pens. The MK1 has a Patent Pending thread on cap that is unlike any other pen. The cap stays on when you want it on that’s for sure but you also don’t have to deal with uncomfortable threads on the grip of the pen. They have found a way to have the best of both worlds in this aspect of the pen. Most pens are comfortable to grip but the cap never stays on, or the cap stays on great but the grip is unsightly and uncomfortable, not with this pen. The machined clip on this pen also makes sure it stays in your pocket. It’s machined from a block of aerospace-grade, 17-4 stainless steel (this is commonly used for engine components). This high-grade clip has the strength it needs but remains flexible enough to be one of the best pen clips we at The Gear Supply Company have ever seen.

Time for a knife upgrade?

Take a look at our Fox FX-526 ALO Jesper Voxnaes Suru Flipper Knife With Orange Aluminum Frame and Black Stonewashed Blade. This framelock knife with an aluminum handle is lightweight making it easy to carry without weighing down your pockets. The excellent versatile and ergonomic handle makes it easy to use in a variety of ways to grip when you need to do some real work. Not only is it practical in its use it just looks great! The orange handle and black blade come in a stonewash finish. This finish gives this item a rustic yet fine, high-quality surface. This process helps not only create a great look but for someone who is going to be using this item every day, it will feel like your knife is aging slower than polished blades. If you are going to be using this knife as an Every Day Carry work knife this finish is a great choice for you, the already rugged look is extremely popular for a working or outdoor man. The colors make this knife pop and stand out from many others, a very popular color choice of us here at The Gear Supply Company.

These are just some of our choices for items to consider for the year of the tiger. The new year comes with new hope, new dreams, new opportunity, and one big huge loud WHO DEY from us here at The Gear Supply Company. Please check back in as we will continue to update our blogs on items that we not only sell, we carry ourselves. We are going to be decked out in orange and black for the next couple of days so check out our website or if you can come to see us at the store 50 Eswin St, Cincinnati, OH 45218.

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