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We at Gear Supply Company know that a wallet is one of the most common everyday carry items for men and women. Through time they have advanced in materials, styles, and pockets but many people are still carrying a wallet similar to the original style. Leather wallets have become a mainstay in the industry because of their durability and their flexibility in style. There have been some innovations in the design of the wallet but most of us are carrying the same style wallet our grandparents and even their parents would carry. It’s easy to wind up with a wallet so stuffed with wallets and receipts that it's bursting at the seams. Also for you men who carry your wallet in your back pocket, it can really do a number on your lower back. Either sitting on it while driving or at work, can cause issues with the alignment of your back and can end up just being a pain in the butt. So with spring upon us maybe it's time we all do a little wallet spring cleaning. I know that’s what I did and I haven’t looked back. Let me show you a product that we at Gear Supply Company are crazy about and have a very exclusive partnership to bring these reinventions of the wallet.

Secrid Miniwallets

We are one of the very few companies allowed to sell the Secrid Miniwallet. These wallets are iconic and a perfect all-around wallet for anyone. The wallet is compact in size and is easy to fit in your front pocket which will ease the strain on your back. There are a lot of “slim’ front pocket wallets but they lack what the Secrid Miniwallet has beautiful leather. The Secrid Miniwallets is one of the few options for a compact style that still uses beautiful leather and even vegan-friendly leather to not only pair durability but a touch of class. Even though this item is called a Miniwallet there is plenty of storage with a protector for your cards, room for cash, and plenty of slots for whatever you like to carry on an everyday basis. These wallets, as I said early, are iconic and Europe and we want to make that iconic status apply to the US too. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and stylish, but that’s not even the best part. The patent aluminum protector in these wallets has RFID protection and holds your cards ready for you to use. You simply slide either 6 flat cards or 4 embossed cards down into the protector and when you’re in need of a card it's just a simple pull of the button on the bottom and the protector slides your cards out ready for you to use. They will come out in a perfect fan order which makes them so easy to access. Not only does the protector stop RIFD and wireless communication they protect your cards from bending or breaking. We here at Gear Supply Company have yet to see a slim or mini wallet that even comes close to the style and practicality of the Secrid Miniwallet.

As I stated I myself have done some wallet spring cleaning and started using the Secrid Miniwallet. I was always a classic bi-fold wallet carrier. My grandfather gave me my first and it seemed as I grew so did my wallet. I would keep items in there and never use them. Once I started having issues with my back while also noticing how little I use most of the items I had hoarded over the years it seemed like a good time to look into something different. I wanted something with style and wasn’t ready to give up the feel of a nice leather wallet. Well, the Secrid Miniwallet was the perfect choice for me and I think many of our customers will be blown away. When you pull out your Secrid Miniwallet and fan out your cards for the first time we know you’ll be impressed. Also, I must say I have never had more people approach me asking “Whoa what kind of wallet is that”. We here at Gear Supply Company are extremely happy to have this exclusive partnership to sell these Secrid Miniwallets. I love mine and I know you will love yours too!

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